Chairman’s Message

The emergence of India as an economic superpower reinforces the collective responsibility we all are faced with, to deliver the best. This necessitates the importance of global managers and with this perspective in mind; KIMDS was established to produce managers of tomorrow through world-class management education.

At KIMDS, we believe, our students are our strength. We ensure that students are groomed not just as managers but as holistic individuals. Priority is given to understanding the aptitude, inclination and potential of students and adapting our academic strategy so as to equip them to face the challenges of technology-driven managerial careers of tomorrow. We endeavor to facilitate active industry/business interface to ensure the emergence of vibrant managers who are ready to contribute to the growth of organizations and welfare of society.

Our team of eminent and distinguished faculty facilitates a learning environment that stretches students’ mind and broadens their perspectives. The faculty works collectively with the students by providing practical inputs and insights in specific areas. The pedagogy followed by the professors extends beyond the four walls of the classrooms. The entire learning process is an on-going fun filled journey, allowing students to amalgamate, assimilate and internalize academic inputs and information effortlessly. We believe that a refreshing environment contributes significantly towards the learning process by stimulating intellectual alertness and creativity as the institute is located in the sylvan surroundings distinguishable by serenity and calm.

The PGDM (full time); the flagship program of KIMDS is rigorous, comprehensive, practice-oriented and world-class. We transform our students into global managers through academic excellence, cutting edge case studies, active engagement in business, economic and social policy issues through our unique seminar courses, partnership with industry and most importantly, through our renowned faculty and internationally recognized curriculum. At KIMDS, through courses like Personality Growth Lab and Business Communication, and various social as well as cultural activities, we facilitate self growth and holistic development of our students.

I am confident that two years at KIMDS will transform you into a confident, knowledgeable and polite professional who never stops learning. I am sure this experience will enable you to develop a perspective and rationale in working out things that will go a long way in creating value for you as well as for others.

I wish you all the best in your journey for excellence in everything you do in the coming years.

Pawan Kumar Kejriwal